what_price_loyalty_300x230The news that Mary Berry, out of loyalty to The Beeb, has decided not to sign up to the Great British Bake Off when it moves to Channel 4, got me thinking about the price of loyalty.

Most of us proclaim loyalty to family and friends (didn’t stop Brangelina imploding or Boris and Michael falling out for that matter), and of course to our employers.  That kind of decision takes courage.  What would you do if faced with a choice of price over loyalty?

The problem is that loyalty has been consistently diluted in the consumer world; everywhere you turn, someone wants you to buy your insurance from them, for less.  OK, they may give you a cuddly toy but will a meerkat console you when you are hanging on the phone for 20 minutes trying to get through to a claims department?

The lure of cheaper premiums is attractive but if loyalty is measured by what something costs then surely there will be disappointment before long.

Protection for the important things in your life is vital.  It’s sometimes the difference between having a business or not following a claim, or the distress of a claim in your home lessened by the help we can give you.

And loyalty works both ways.  Our loyalty knows no bounds if a client puts their trust in us.