You’ve chosen your accommodation, the flights are booked and your neighbour is going to look after the cat. Think you’ve got everything covered? Think again…

summerholiday1We all know of someone who has arrived at their destination only to find that their luggage has taken a trip somewhere else without them. Apart from the aggravation of trying to find out where the luggage has gone there is the possible cost of replacing essentials in the meantime.

And just imagine how you would feel if you had an accident abroad and thought your costs would be met by flashing your EHIC card only to find that it doesn’t cover all your treatment. It may be that you have to pay towards your treatment, depending on the rules in the country you’re visiting.

A recent story in the press also highlighted the sad case of a man whose wife died on holiday. They had both failed to take out any travel insurance and the husband could not afford the cost of repatriating her body. He had to have her cremated abroad and returned home with her ashes.


No one goes on holiday expecting the worst to happen, but it’s worth getting yourself covered just in case. When you’re spending hundreds of pounds on your holiday the comparatively small cost of travel insurance is worth every penny.

Now the only thing you have to worry about is getting up early enough to get your towel on the sun lounger before our European cousins!