Thinking of booking a holiday?  How about the travel insurance?  To make sure you don’t come unstuck on your next trip here are five things you should consider when buying your travel insurance:

  1. Buy your insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday.

We all get pestered by the airline booking forms and travel agents to buy insurance at the time of booking.  It’s not just because they want to get more money from you – although that’s partly true – but the cancellation cover kicks in as soon as you take out the insurance, whereas the rest of it, for example, the baggage cover, won’t be needed until you leave.

  1. You can’t just rely on the personal effects cover on your household policy.

You might be covered for your bikini and camera that are still languishing at Heathrow but what about money to buy a few essentials while you wait for them to turn up? – toiletries and a clean pair of undies for instance.  By including the baggage section in your travel policy you’ll also get the emergency cover.

  1. This is a travel policy not a jewellery and personal effects policy.

Don’t confuse the two.  Travel policies are primarily to cover you for medical costs and recovery of any deposits etc. if it all goes wrong.  Limits on other sections are low so don’t expect to pay £20 for your policy and then to claim £2,000 for a lost ring.

  1. Sunbathing round the pool or bungee jumping off a bridge?

Make sure that if you are doing anything whacky or out of the ordinary (even if you think it it’s mainstream), check it’s covered.  Abseiling – fine, canyoning – absolutely not.

  1. Make a will

You might be considering a more adventurous type of holiday this year – a safari or maybe trekking in the rainforest – or perhaps it’s the first time you’ve both gone away without your children. Making a will now could save a lot of added heartache for your family should the worst happen.

Now go ahead and book your holiday, but just remember when purchasing your travel policy…

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