There’s nothing quite like the lovely smell of new mown grass and at this time of the year you’re probably out cutting the grass every other week. Unless of course you have gone to get the mower
out only to find that your shed has been broken into and the thief has made off with your expensive lawnmower and assorted gardening tools.

security for outbuildingsWe’re forever told to improve the security of our houses but often forget that sheds and outbuildings are an easy target for burglars and should have similar levels of security.

Not everyone has access to a garage and will often keep expensive items such as golf clubs and bikes in their garden outbuildings, so it’s imperative that your shed/outbuilding should have a padlock attached to a padbar and shed hinges should be secured with coach bolts or non-returnable screws. Shed alarms are inexpensive and can be purchased from DIY stores for around £15.00.

If your shed is not secure your insurer may not pay out if it is broken in to. You should check your home contents insurance for exclusions and a maximum pay-out limit for items kept in sheds. Limits can vary from insurer to insurer, so make sure you have adequate cover and think about keeping items such as golf clubs and expensive power tools inside your home.

And talking of things stored in your shed, check that the coals have been fully extinguished before you put your barbeque away, but that’s another story…