Many homeowners are attracted to the idea of installing Minimal Windows or Frameless Structural Glass. Whether a house is large or small, glass installations can ensure that more light gets into the house and that the external view is uncluttered by door frames and other obstructions.

If you decide you’d like to make these sorts of improvements to your home, you need to note that installing minimalistic glass will affect your home insurance. However, that need not present you with problems. You can make the changes you want and still get the insurance cover you need.

Why do homeowners have Minimal Windows installed?

If your house doesn’t get as much light as you would like, installing Minimal Windows can help. The visible framework is much smaller. Sliding doors can be made of large pieces of sliding glass with minimal frames. More glass and less surround means windows and doors let in more light. This will make the interior of your home brighter.

Also if you have an excellent view from your home, you can achieve an uninterrupted vista, rather than through glass panes separated by window frames and possibly obstructed by doors. Minimal Windows and Frameless Structural Glass help you to see more of the outside world in an uncluttered way. For this reason it’s an attractive option when you come to think about refurbishing your property.

Minimal Windows brings a different perspective to home insurance

Minimal Windows secure your home differently from conventional sliding doors and windows. The Minimal Windows Sliding System will generally lock at the top and bottom, not in the centre. The locking mechanisms will be hidden away and out of sight. A marvel really, that these seemingly frameless windows will also have unobtrusive locking mechanisms.

Attractive as these features are, they may present you with problems when you come to think about your insurance requirements.

You will need to inform your insurers that you’re having Minimal Windows installed. Your new doors or windows are elements of your home’s security system and the changes you’re making will affect your insurance.

Some insurers will be unfamiliar with the ways in which Minimal Windows and Structural Glass installations protect your home. Many insurers expect there to be five-lever mortice locks on external doors and they may be unaware that your type of installation addresses security issues effectively, but differently.

Minimal Windows installations are often fitted with anti-theft devices and the flat surfaces presented to the outside world are almost impossible to breach with a crowbar or jemmy. In fact, as far as insurance is concerned, such features have higher level safety certificates than do traditional mortice locks.

Obtaining Minimal Windows insurance

When you decide to install Frameless Structural Glass or Minimal Windows in your home, it’s a good idea to work with an insurer who understands how secure this type of glass can be.

According to Chrissie Jenkins of Country Life Insurance:

“Specialist insurers, like us, know the sort of objections that can be raised when home owners install Minimal Windows and Frameless Glass features. We also know how to deal with them. If you want to make use of minimal framed glass in your refurbishment or renovation, don’t worry. Getting tailor-made insurance on homes fitted with Minimal Windows is easy, if you have that important specialist knowledge behind you.”

When you and your architect have agreed on the way you want your home to look, and you’ve decided that you intend to utilise the features that Minimal Windows or Frameless Structural Glass has to offer, talk to the specialists. Make sure you get the home insurance you need with a minimum of fuss.

Thinking of having new windows…

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