Because you don’t know what’s around the corner… the truth about Add-Ons

The insurance industry has to be more transparent about how we sell Add-On or Additional optional Extras these days and quite rightly so.

However, before you all dismiss these as ‘money for nothing’ income boosters, let me tell you a story…

A household clients of ours, for the last 10 years or more, had lived quite happily in his house with nothing much to worry about. Then something bad happened and as is often the way with these things it was followed by another blow.

The house was burgled one afternoon and only discovered on his return from work. The patio doors had been forced and damaged so much they could not be closed. It was January. And cold. One call to the Home Emergency number and an excellent contractor came out and secured the door, not only getting it shut but ensuring no-one would be coming through it. Peace of mind and a warm house again.

The main insurance policy for the house was then used to pay for replacement patio doors.

Home Emergency CoverLater in the year, as soon as the cold weather started, the boiler broke down – on a Friday night.

Another call to the Home Emergency team and a plumber was dispatched to try and fix the problem. Although a new part was needed, the plumber was able to come back on Saturday morning to finish the repair and heat and hot water was restored.

Now, two emergency evening call-outs has got to be expensive but in both these cases, other than the £34 per annum for the Home Emergency cover – nothing else to pay!!

That’s why we recommend it.