When we were at school, exercise was something we simply did as part of the curriculum but once we ‘grow up’ this changes to leisure pursuits and there are a multitude of ways to keep us engaged, entertained and fit.

Although Football, swimming and cycling are still the most popular pastimes, Park Runs have exploded onto the scene in the last few years, attracting all levels of runners at the weekend and indoor climbing is now the leisure pursuit choice of the under 30’s.

Most turn to the gym at some time and the choices between them vary enormously, from the 24/7 budget gyms to specialist Crossfit ones where you work out with a small number of people and a trainer.

In an effort to attract and keep members, gyms often provide special classes: boot camps, boxercise, personal training and nutrition, occasionally offering kids classes during school holidays.

So, when it comes to insurance for gyms, very rarely are two ever the same.

Gyms and Indoor climbing schools need expert advice to make sure they are adequately covered for all eventualities. We arrange insurance for all types of leisure facilities and are happy to discuss this whether you are a new business or you just want us to review your current policy.

We recently received a testimonial from Just Gym one of our fitness clients: “When you think about the potential risks in a gym, they aren’t small. From customers injuring themselves to loss of use of the building and its contents after a claim.

Finding the right policy can be challenging when you’re searching for it without guidance; Chrissie at Country Life helped talk us through the policies we may need to consider, our options and how best to protect ourselves if something went wrong.

Last year we moved premises and while we were busy working out the logistics of a move, she made the relevant changes to our policy. This ensured from day one we had the confidence that we were covered. We would highly recommend Country Life Insurance due to the dedication, team and pricing”.