Grand Designs Live 2016Grand Designs Live Show 2016 in London started with a bang this year; bigger and better – it even had Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall for heaven’s sake!

The Ask an Expert area was buzzy and busy on the days I was there and I noticed that some people very cleverly came along and booked their free appointments with as many of the experts as they could, sometimes eating their picnic lunch in the arena too!  And why wouldn’t they?  Where else could you get such a plethora of knowledge – all free – in one place?

The property insurance desk was pleasingly busy, and as we dealt with the interesting variety of questions I realised this was a much more positive show; these people were ready to start their projects as opposed to the ones I’d seen in earlier shows who had  more of a dream than a reality.

In the weeks that have followed we’ve had a number of enquiries which have converted into business for us.  We’ve had a barn conversion in Wales, a new build in Hertfordshire and two others which we hope will come to fruition.

Our expertise in the property insurance market has brought us clients that need specialist cover for Building Warranties, Contractor’s Insurance and protection for their tradesmen.

They have ‘Grand Designs’ and we are here to help them.