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Insurance costs for all types of contractors have risen sharply over the last few years, particularly in the building and high risk industries – a reaction to claims from pollution and asbestosis, for example. Even though we are technically in a ‘soft market’ once again it simply goes to prove that all of life is a circle. Which means it will inevitably harden again.

The small to medium sized businesses are probably the hardest hit because there are fewer insurers writing this class of business with most of them now setting higher minimum premiums.

You want reasonably priced insurance for your Employer’s and Public Liability plus Tools, Equipment and Plant. Country Life are committed to finding our clients the best deal available.

Some of the policies on offer:

  • Per Capita schemes available
  • Single contract basis for Contract Works cover
  • Cover for Plant in isolation
  • Bonds
  • Scaffolders, Welders, Roofers and other high risk occupations quoted for.